четвъртък, 14 юни 2018 г.

The new season in the Premier League kicks off - with a derby featuring the champion (see the draw)

The new Premier League season begins with a big derby where Arsenal will receive Manchester City champion Emirates. This will be Unai Emery`s first match in the Premier League and the first ever `gunmen` meeting after the Wenger era. The start for the Spaniard is particularly complicated, given that in the second round, Arsenal will host Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Manchester United, who ended last season in second place, is home to Leicester, while Tottenham has a hard time visiting Newcastle. The Liverpool Champions League finalist will also start the new home campaign. Merseyside will welcome in the first round of West Ham. Chelsea will host Huddersfield. Two new members of the Premier League - Wolverhampton and Fulham have begun the homecoming championship against Everton and Crystal Palace respectively. Cardiff City is visiting Bournemouth. The new season starts on August 11 - only 27 days after the end of today`s World Cup. The championship will finish on May 19, Sunday, 2019.

As always, a week before the start of the championship by questions for soccer predictions is the clash for the `Canyon Ship`. On August 5th at Wembley, the champion Manchester City and FA Cup Chelsea will come out against each other.

четвъртък, 31 май 2018 г.

Xavi revealed the secret of the legendary 2:6

During his period at the head of Barcelona, Jocep Guardiola recorded several loud victories over the blood enemy of Real Madrid. One of them is in the 2008/09 season when the Catalans defeated his Santiago Bernabeu`s 6:2 White Ballet. The then maestro in the club midfield Xavi revealed the secret of this success to the English Daily Mail. It was when he released Lionel Messi as a fake ninety. Pep knew that Madrid`s central defenders would not beat Messi when he was at the center of the pitch. This meant that I, Leo and Andres Iniesta were three in two in the middle of the field. Guardiola told us: "And there is the game! There is the game!"', remembers the midfielder.

The former Barcelona player and current of Saudi Al-Sad talks about the difficult start of Catalan`s camp specialist Nouvel. There was suspicion when Pep started at Barca. I remember we started the first season with him with a loss and a draw. But even then I told m y friends and family: 'If you can see the way we train, we will win trophies. Pep was a little worried. Things got perfect, though, because we won everything. It was not just the victory, but the way we achieved them was back in time.'

петък, 25 май 2018 г.

Anderson Talisca confirmed his interest in the Premier League of England

Besiktas` midfielder Anderson Talisca confirmed that he has an interest in him from several clubs in the Premier League of England. The 24-year-old Brazilian who plays at the Turkish Grand Benfica on a loan and it is expected to play on the island of the new season and the media suggest Liverpool and Manchester United are the two clubs with the most serious interest in it. `Because of the fans, because of the theater scene, the show and the unpredictability of matches in England, I like the championship very much, there is interest in me, it is real, but nothing is certain. there is a lot of speculation, and I have no right to talk about the terms of the negotiations!', Talisca told the Brazilian media. In this season, Talisca played 45 games for Besiktas in all the tournaments adviced by footballcapper and has 20 goals in them.

сряда, 23 май 2018 г.

Toni Kroos: 'We have 11 animals on the pitch!'

The Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos said he and his teammates should be prepared to meet `11 animals` in the Champions League final adviced by picksmachine on Saturday against Liverpool. Kroos, who has been well-known to the player of Jurgen Klopp when he was in the Bundesliga, expressed his expectation for Liverpool to push through all 90 minutes of the match.

неделя, 20 май 2018 г.

PSG made another gift for the end of the season

The French champion Paris Saint-Germain finished the season in Ligue One with four games according betting football contact without a win. The Parisians have greatly reduced the turnovers after winning the title and definitely approached generously with their opponents at the end of the championship. Another team that took advantage of this was Caen, who won a point at his PSG household in the last round - 0:0. But the point turned out to be precious to the hostesses, as they stayed in the elite for the next season as well. In the event of a loss, the team would play a barrage to stay with the third in League 2. There will be the Toulouse team who beat 2:1 Gingan and hoped for the success of the Parisians to reach the direct salvation. Caen has 38 points in 16th place, while Toulouse has one less. PSG ended the season with 93 points in the first place. Unai Emery`s players finished the championship with 29 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses.

понеделник, 7 май 2018 г.

Simeone: 'We wrote one of the first glorious pages in the history of the new stadium!'

The Atletico`s coach, Diego Simeone, was not able to lead the team from the semi-finals of the Europa League against Arsenal, but he lived every second with a 1:0 victory over Arsenal who sent the `matuscats` to the Europa League final. After the success, Ciolo did not hide his satisfaction with the performance of the players. 'I`m the face of a whole group of people who work a lot, but no one sees them together! We go in the same direction together and everything works well We want to continue in the same spirit. We are glad that we rankedfor the final analyzed by football livescore in the first match, and Jan Oblak was all-round, so the big players are doing this, proving themselves in the most important games, and their teammates striving for their level!`, said Simeone.

`We did a great job with the task of stopping Arsenal`s attack, and Lucas Hernandez was keeping Mesut Ozil and he did not let him do anything but Tommy neutralized Danny Welbeck, and Vitollo was at the very level of his appearance on the team, and we knew what to expect from him, and Cloud and Grossman needed months to join the team and he did it right away, `Atletico`s coach said. `This is one of the first memorable games in the history of Wanda Metropolitano!`, added Simeone, adding that `We have a history of a club. Our stadium is our stronghold'.

събота, 5 май 2018 г.

Allegri warned Juve and commented on the case of Taliavanoto

Juventus coach Massimiliano Alighiri warned his players that the Italian championship has not yet been resolved and commented on the polemics in the country after Derby D `Italy with Inter. Tomorrow night, bikonkers take the Bologna team in a 36th round of Serie A, and the specialist expects another tough fight in the Battle of Scudetto. We need to regain the solidity we have lost in recent times. In the last 4 games from football betting tips we have scored 6 goals, many of which were ridiculous. In 18 fights we did not allow a shot. The details are of great importance and we paid for it a couple of times. The penalty in Madrid was due to our inadvertentness in the defeat. My future? I`m connected to Juventus and I feel good here, but now have the seventh scudetto and the cup of Italy, `said Alegri.

The conversation with Taliavano? We live in controversy. The re were footage that confirmed a non-existent moment. In Italy we like to create comedies. Last week was a long comedy. This is the only championship that has not yet been resolved. Napoli still has the opportunity to win it. Last year we became champions with 88t. Three rounds remain until the end. We have to win tomorrow to prepare for the Cup well, `the expert added.

The Bologna team will be on the pitch in search of a historic victory. We need to be determined and show respect to the enemy. The VAR system helps a lot if used appropriately. In Italy it works very well. I congratulate the team of Roma for the match he made in the Champions League. Over the last four years, Italian teams have played in two finals, a 1/4-final, a 1/8-final and one semi-final in the Champions League. Lazio and Milan also played in the Europa League, concluded Allegri.