понеделник, 7 май 2018 г.

Simeone: 'We wrote one of the first glorious pages in the history of the new stadium!'

The Atletico`s coach, Diego Simeone, was not able to lead the team from the semi-finals of the Europa League against Arsenal, but he lived every second with a 1:0 victory over Arsenal who sent the `matuscats` to the Europa League final. After the success, Ciolo did not hide his satisfaction with the performance of the players. 'I`m the face of a whole group of people who work a lot, but no one sees them together! We go in the same direction together and everything works well We want to continue in the same spirit. We are glad that we rankedfor the final analyzed by football livescore in the first match, and Jan Oblak was all-round, so the big players are doing this, proving themselves in the most important games, and their teammates striving for their level!`, said Simeone.

`We did a great job with the task of stopping Arsenal`s attack, and Lucas Hernandez was keeping Mesut Ozil and he did not let him do anything but Tommy neutralized Danny Welbeck, and Vitollo was at the very level of his appearance on the team, and we knew what to expect from him, and Cloud and Grossman needed months to join the team and he did it right away, `Atletico`s coach said. `This is one of the first memorable games in the history of Wanda Metropolitano!`, added Simeone, adding that `We have a history of a club. Our stadium is our stronghold'.

събота, 5 май 2018 г.

Allegri warned Juve and commented on the case of Taliavanoto

Juventus coach Massimiliano Alighiri warned his players that the Italian championship has not yet been resolved and commented on the polemics in the country after Derby D `Italy with Inter. Tomorrow night, bikonkers take the Bologna team in a 36th round of Serie A, and the specialist expects another tough fight in the Battle of Scudetto. We need to regain the solidity we have lost in recent times. In the last 4 games from football betting tips we have scored 6 goals, many of which were ridiculous. In 18 fights we did not allow a shot. The details are of great importance and we paid for it a couple of times. The penalty in Madrid was due to our inadvertentness in the defeat. My future? I`m connected to Juventus and I feel good here, but now have the seventh scudetto and the cup of Italy, `said Alegri.

The conversation with Taliavano? We live in controversy. The re were footage that confirmed a non-existent moment. In Italy we like to create comedies. Last week was a long comedy. This is the only championship that has not yet been resolved. Napoli still has the opportunity to win it. Last year we became champions with 88t. Three rounds remain until the end. We have to win tomorrow to prepare for the Cup well, `the expert added.

The Bologna team will be on the pitch in search of a historic victory. We need to be determined and show respect to the enemy. The VAR system helps a lot if used appropriately. In Italy it works very well. I congratulate the team of Roma for the match he made in the Champions League. Over the last four years, Italian teams have played in two finals, a 1/4-final, a 1/8-final and one semi-final in the Champions League. Lazio and Milan also played in the Europa League, concluded Allegri.

неделя, 15 април 2018 г.

Liverpool continues to follow Pyotr Zielinski

Liverpool continues to be interested in the Napoli`s midfielder Piotr Zielinski. The 23-year-old Poleish footballer has 8 goals and 2 assists in 40 games according football betting odds since the start of the season in all tournaments. According to the press, the Merseysiders have been following this player`s development for several years and are considering making a bid for him in the summer.

In fact, Liverpool wanted to take it back in 2016 when he was carrying the Udinese team. But then Napoli was more insistent and managed to outrun the competition and bring it to San Paolo.

вторник, 10 април 2018 г.

Cuadrado re-signed with Juve, but under one condition

One of the great stars for Juve in the current campaign, no doubt, is Juan Cuadrado. The Colombian footballer of the bianconer heals a trauma for a long time, but after his return, he has made a major contribution to Juve`s victory in the derby with Milan. Cuadrado`s contract with the old lady expires in the summer of 2020, but the club from footballcapper is ready to offer him a new contract with better financial parameters. Before signing the new agreement, however, Cuadrado wished to see what the fate of the mentor Massimiliano Allegri, with whom he has a very good relationship, will be.

The Columbian national will continue its stay at Allianz Stadium only if Allegri continues to work in Juventus.

четвъртък, 5 април 2018 г.

Monaco took only a point in the postponed match against Rennes

Monaco finished 1:1 as Rennes's guest in a postponed match of the French football championship by betting football contact and gave hope to the third Olympique Marseille to fight for the second place in the standings.

Joris Gnagnon opened the score for the home side in the 20th minute but nine later Radamel Falcao handed to Ronnie Lopez, who equalized for the guests. Monaco is ranked second in League One with 67 points, with five more in front of Marseille. Rennes is in fifth position with 46 points. The leader is Paris Saint-Germain with 83 points. Despite the draw, Monaco continued his series without loss in the 16-match championship.

понеделник, 2 април 2018 г.

Isner`s triumph is not that surprising

John Isner`s triumph in the Masters Series tennis tournament predicted by tennis picks in Miami surprised all fans of the sport, but historically, statistics show that he is not that shocking. Yes, the American certainly was not among the favorites, but getting to the end of an event of this rank is not an isolated incident. Isner played for the fourth time in his Masters Final, losing to Roger Federer in Indian Wells in 2012, Rafael Nadal at Cincinnati in 2013, and Andy Murray in Paris in 2016.

All his finals are in hardcore tournaments. So have Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Juan Martin del Potro (2 and 1 titles), with only five having more Masters-finals in hardcore quarries. David Ferrer has five appearances in the hardcore Masters finals, Rafael Nadal has 17, Andy Murray is 18, Novak Djokovic is 30, and Roger Federer is the leader in this respect with 31 .

вторник, 20 март 2018 г.

Newcastle needs to change to progress, says Benitez

The Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez thinks the club needs radical changes to make progress. Benitez is in `the swarms` in 2016, back in the Premier League, but has long been in war with the owner Mike Ashley, and the `gordites` are threatened with a new jump in the Championship, with eight rounds before the end is only4 points above the drop zone. `We have to change some things, ` Benitez told the Times. `I came to Newcastle with the idea that I could fight for the top places, build a strong team and a strong club mentioned by football betting partners to be a contender every year. ` What we have to do if we stay is to build on. Newcastle`s potential is to be a top 10 club, but that depends on permanence, and we need structure and regulation!`the Spaniard said. `To fight for trophies, you must have a clear plan to follow a certain process, and everything must be in place and clear!`, added former Chelsea and Liverpool mentor. The specialist added that he felt calm about his place in the club, despite the 15th position in the standings, as he has strong support for the fans of the team.