петък, 23 февруари 2018 г.

Mourinho chased Pogba out of his office

Despite Jose Mourinho`s claim that there is no conflict between him and Paul Pogba, the media on the island continue to say the opposite. According to the latest information, both of them had a loud conversation at the Carrington base of the Portuguese. The Frenchman went to the manager to express the grievances of the players from the special tactics, and again raised the question of his own position on the pitch. This has angered Mourinho, who has ended the conversation, bothering that if Pogba has doubts about who the boss is, he has to close the office door on the outside and read what he says on the plate.

In the last five games, Pogba has not been to Mourinho`s three-time stand and has twice been replaced. The 89million midfielder was left on the bench for the start of the Champions League match from links to fixed asian picks against Sevilla, but appeared in play in t he 17th minute due to the injury of Andre Herrera.

петък, 16 февруари 2018 г.

Barclay played dead drunk in the 80`s

Although he dropped out of the NBA almost 20 years ago, Charles Barkley can always pull out a story that has not been revealed so far from his sleeve. The eleven-time star of the Star of Matches never won a title, but in the 1980s he was close to transferring to a contender for a championship ring and this led to his cult performance.

The 54-year-old legend spent the first eight years of his career in Philadelphia. It is precisely his stay at SIXERS that he has told him about his visit to the Jimmy Kimmel TV show. Sir Charles was informed that he would go to the Los Angeles Lakers team and did not think very long, but he directly celebrated the yet unfulfilled deal.

With my friends we got drunk in the middle of the day. A few hours later, my agent phoned me to say that Philadelphia refused the deal. A few hours later we had a match. I was so furious and I was so drunk that I do not remember anything from this game, `said Barclay. `No, it`s n ot the only game analyzed by football betting tips I`ve played under the influence of alcohol, ` he added, laughing, in response to a question from the lead. But then the wing rectified, emphasizing that he played with a hangover and not that he had drunk before a match.

четвъртък, 8 февруари 2018 г.

Strasbourg on the 1/4-final for the Cup of France for the first time in 16 years

The Strasbourg team added 1/4-finalists to the French Cup tournament according football livescore after eliminating third-placed Grenoble as a 3-0 guest. So Strasbourg qualified for the first time since 2002 in the top eight of the national trophy tournament, and in order to continue ahead, it will have to eliminate Shambley, who is also a third division member. Grenoble was only equivalent in the first ten minutes when he created three positions, but then realism prevailed. The goals for the winners were Stefan Baoken in the 32nd, Marten Terrier in the 78th and Antoni Gonzalez in the added time of a free kick.

All pairs in the quarterfinals:

Strasbourg - Chamble

PSG - Olympique Marseille

Les Erbie - Lance

Caen - Lyon

вторник, 23 януари 2018 г.

Hong Chung: 'As a young man I was trying to copy Novak, he is my idol!'

The South Korean Hong Chung said after his victory against Australian Open`s six-time winner Novak Djokovic that the Serb was his idol. Chung beat Nole with 7:6 (4, 7:5, 7:6 (3)). I was happy to play against Novak, and winning it was just unbelievable, and when I was younger, I was trying to copy his game, he`s my idol, Chun commented. ``After he equalized from 0:3 to 3:3 in the tiebreak of the third set, I did not worry, I said, it`s Novak Djokovic, you can not expect to beat him every day in three sets. Yesand another two hours, if it`s needed, because I`m younger than that, he added. `21-year-old South Korean will play in the quarterfinals against the debutant in Melbourne`s Tennis Schedule, Sandgren (USA), which overcame (6:2, 4:6, 7:6 (4), 7:9 (7), 6:3 earlier today.

понеделник, 22 януари 2018 г.

Goretzka: 'It was one of the worst days in my life!'

Bayern Munich`s future footballer Leon Goretzka is not angry with Schalke 04`s fans, who churned him on Sunday against Hannover 96. On Friday, the German national announced his decision to leave as a free agent after the season and this annoyedfans of the royal horns. They insulted him in all sorts of ways throughout the 64 minutes he was in the game. This was one of the worst days in my life, said Goretzka, who will be 22 in the beginning of February.

'When your own supporters make you sick, it hurts!, the midfielder went on. 'But after all, I understand the fans, and in general I think everything was fine. I do not mind them. Whoever knows me is aware that I will do everything by myself until the summer so that Schalke can fulfill his goals.'

In 64 minutes on the pitch, Goretzka performed more than well. He ran 8, 6 km, achieved 83% success rate, won 11 fights and played 33 times with the ball. After his exit, however, hi s teammates failed to keep the lead in the score and allowed a 1:1 draw.

четвъртък, 11 януари 2018 г.

Andrea Bargnani is not looking for a new team

Andrea Bargnani does not want to return to the NBA at any price and generally does not seek a new team after spending the last season in Basque, and is currently a free agent. The 32-year-old Italian spent 10 years in the United States, then returned to Europe, but his performance in the Euroleague and the Spanish Championship was not particularly impressive. Do not pay attention to rumors. I feel physically clean, but after the breakdown of my last two contracts, I`m not looking for a new team. The reasons are mostly personal, Barniani wrote in an address to the fans.

The Romani has 550 NBA games mentioned by basketball facts in which he scores 14 points, 4, 6 rebounds, and 1. 2 rebounds on average, playing consecutively for Toronto, New York and Brooklyn.

вторник, 9 януари 2018 г.

Six Maltese youths were punished for corruption

Six Maltese youth national football players have been stripped of rape by the European Football Association (UEFA), with two of them burning to life. UEFA explained that the decision on this penalty was the consequence of the investigation of two matches of the European Qualifiers against Montenegro and against the Czech Republic. Montenegro won the match against young Maltese 1-0, while the Czech Republic celebrated a convincing victory 7-0, both of which were played in March 2016. It is supposed that certain criminal circles have benefited financially from these matches. Emanuel Briffa of the Maltese elite club analyzed by betting football contact Floriana and Kyle Cesar of the Bridge have been denied the right to engage in any kind of football activity more because `they acted in a way that they have been unlawful or unlawfulimpact on the profit outcome for itself or for a third par ty `. The former Maltese champion, Birkarkara, has three punished footballers. Ryan Kamentsuli has been sentenced for a year and a half, while midfielder Lyulin Cremona and striker Luc Montelbello will have to face a year`s imprisonment. Samir Arab from the team of Balazan FC has been suspended for two years from being deprived of his rights. The four players who will have to terminate their careers are sanctioned because they have not informed UEFA in a timely and voluntary manner, and by doing so have helped the criminal group involved in the manipulation to arrange matches for the necessary result. The European Football Center added that there had also been an investigation against a seventh Maltese national, Matthew Carmona, but the case was terminated without any evidence of guilt and complicity.