вторник, 21 ноември 2017 г.

Rumble, impressive goals and a famed series of 14 consecutive wins

In the next edition of the weekly world football club overview of the world media, we will be acquainted with all the most curious after the weekend. We will pay attention to the crisis in Borussia (Dortmund) and the detachment of Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) at the top of the Bundesliga. Barcelona also made a serious advance against its big rivals in the Primera Division, but Valencia remained on the heels of the Catalonians after eight consecutive wins. If you consider this series to be impressive, then in the show you will find out which European team is even more amazing, earning their first 14 season games! In the Netherlands Ajax splitters NAK Breda with 8: 0, and Zenith is already starting a difficult period and returned to the winning road in the Russian championship also with convincing success. The battle for the first place in the Greek Super League is becoming more and more cruel, and in distant Japan it is time to find out if the champion of last year will tr iumph again. At the end of our review, you will find out which team is in a better position after the first of the two Asian Champions League final by football livescore matches, as well as seeing a famed performance of legend Chavi, which continues to impress evenand 37 years. Sit comfortably and focus because in the next few minutes you will have a world of 62 goals and a bunch of curious moments on football grounds.

понеделник, 20 ноември 2017 г.

Marco Silva did not reject the possibility of taking over Everton

Marco Silva has not rejected the possibility of replacing Ronald Koeman at Everton`s head but has also failed to confirm the news in the British media that he will leave Watford in the coming days or weeks. This happened in an interview after a 2-0 victory against West Ham. `These things can not distract us. We know what we have to do on and off the pitch and in the last week we got it. The players did a great job, presented themselves well in the match and deserved the three points, ` said indin an interview with Sky Sports. The future is tomorrow, it is then that we start preparing for the next match analyzed by football betting odds and we have a workout, this is my future, I understand that I can not avoid these questions, but I also know what is up to me, this is the training tomorrow. else I can not talk.`, Silva added.

сряда, 15 ноември 2017 г.

The story of Sock continues in London

Jack Sok`s story continued on the ATP Finals in London. The American qualified for the tournament at the last minute after his first Masters title won in Paris. Today he scored the first success of the eighth best tournament after winning 5: 7, 6: 2, 7: 6 (4) over Marin Chilich.

Juko recorded a third victory of three matches by register for soccer picks against the Croatian. Jack, who became the first ATP finals in 2011, showed he did not come to London. He played a disputed set against Roger Federer at the start, and in his second game he was already victorious.

Chilich and Sok exchanged a break at the start of the match, which was followed by the serve`s domination. In the 12th game, however, the Croat led with 40: 0 in the initial blow of the opponent and in its third setball managed to close the first part. In the second set the games were long and challeng ed, but Jack had the advantage and managed to prevail at key moments. He led with 5: 1 after two breaks and a little later equalized the sets.

The American returned to the third set despite losing 0: 3. He reached a tiebreak in which he lagged 2: 4, but eventually left as the final winner after two and a half hours of play. EMIL YANCHEV, London

понеделник, 30 октомври 2017 г.

The Roman eagles landed on top after a defeat

The Roman `eagles` continue to fly. Lazio`s team achieved sixth consecutive success in the A Series, equalizing Napoli and Juventus on the calf`s top, but the Neapolitan have a lesser match. The `Biancoles` scattered 5: 1 as the Full Outback Benevento in a match of the 11th round of the championship.

The two-time Italian champion made the best start in his championship history with 28 points out of 33 possible in the first 11 matches, as well as the 31 goals scored. The players of Simone Indzagi, who scored eighth away from `Olympiacos` from eight games in all the tournaments, played a great first half. The team from the capital led 3: 0 to the 23rd minute, again the character was Ciro Immobile, who scored the second goal and handed over to the other two goals.

The Italian national assists with a head in the third minute of Batsos, who scored the third goal of the season. Making the phenomenal Immobile season with a diagonal shot scored his 1 4th goal in the calf of 11 games, and in the 23rd minute he handed back to Adam Marusic again, who opened his goal card for Lazio. The guests were full masters until the end of the first part. De Zerby`s new coach of the Jalorossi made a break, given the comfortable lead, Lazio`s players relaxed, the hosts became more active, and after a few misses, they reduced.

In the 55th minute, Ashraf Lazar freed himself from a fine finish and sent the ball into the net of Thomas Strachosha. The attack was only fourth for elite novices who record anti-records in calcio. The `witches` started to attack even more dangerously by scrambling with a second goal. Reserve Luis Nani assisted Marco Parrolo in the 76th minute and the midfielder broke the hosts with a fourth goal in their goal and his third for the season. The Portuguese star scored his first goal in the calcio in the 86th minute, forming the final 5: 1 in favor of Lazio. It is interesting that this was only a second clash in the history between the two clubs who played for the Italian Cup in the 2008/2009 season, and the lacials won 5-1. Lazio has recorded six consecutive wins for the first since 2015. Benvenetto improved his anti-record by becoming the first team with 11 losses in the first 11 matches predicted by footballcapper in the A Series, staying at the bottom without a winning point.







неделя, 29 октомври 2017 г.

Real Madrid legend Manuel Sanchez-Senior died

On Saturday (October 28th), at the age of 79, the Real Madrid legend Manuel Sanchez went off. The mythical defender became part of the yen-ye team of los blancos in the mid-1960s and raised the Sixth. Sanchez recorded 213 matches with the white shirt in the seven seasons in which he played for the royal club. He won four Spanish titles, one European Champions Cup and one King`s Cup.

Manuel Sanchez is the father of an even bigger white legend, Manolo Sanchez, who has over 700 Real Madrid matches via football betting partners for nearly two decades with the Los Merrendos T-shirt.

Photo: Marca

неделя, 22 октомври 2017 г.

Celtic scored four and will play again in the final

With two goals in the half-time of Musa Dembele, Celtic beat Hybernions 4-2 at Hampden Park and qualified for the Betfred League Cup final. Brendan Rogers`s team managed to return to the winning streets only three days after defeating Bayern in the Champions League 0: 3, but their game was far from what they wanted. However, Scotland`s champions increased the series of 60 games without defeat in home cups and tournaments. Celtics led by 2: 0 to the break with two accurate shots on the right back Mikael Lustig, but shortly before an hour a game from football betting partners came, the former clover player Anthony Stokes returned one shot from a penalty shootout. The penalty kick was handed down for Martin Boyle`s demolition, and Judge Kevin Clancy was a little worn before blowing the whistle. Three minutes before the end of the first half, Lustig scored his second goal in the match af ter Stewart Armstrong was on the left. The ball fell on the head of Clover Defender Dedrick Boy, Lustig overtaken the sleeping Brandon Barker and sent the ball into the net.

Only 6 minutes later Dembele restored the lead by two goals. Minutes after appearing on the pitch, 19-year-old Oliver Shaw, who came to replace Victory Slivka, reduced again to 2: 3 to return the drama to the pitch. Goalkeeper Leedlow fought two Dembele salvation, but in the 88th minute Tom Rogich`s center missed the 4: 2 chance. Tomorrow is the second semi-final match in the tournament against Glasgow Rangers and Motherwell.

събота, 21 октомври 2017 г.

Everton again disappointed, this time he was the victim of Lyon

Lyon`s team defeated Everton as a 2-1 draw in a Europa League Group E match. Thus, the carols of Ronald Kumman were unbeaten after their third match predicted by soccer picks in the group, taking the last fourth place with just one point. Lyon is second with 5, while Atalanta is the leader with 7 points. Even the Cypriot Apollo in the third position has a point more than Liverpool. The game of Goodison Park tonight started badly for Everton after Mason Hallgate made a violation in the 6th minute, which led to a penalty kick in favor of Lyons. The penalty kick was made by Nabil Fekir and the French led the way.

In the 69th minute, Ashley Williams put his head to Antoni Lopez`s goal for 1: 1 after a free kick and hoped for a rebound in the hosts. But the English were scorched by Bertrand Traore`s goal in the 75th minute, with Lyon picking up the three points. Traori technically with a he el diverted the ball close to Jordan Pickford`s door after a good break from the right and assisted by Maxwell Corne.


0: 1 Fekir (6-th)

1: 1 Williams (69)

1: 2 B. Traore (75)